97 of 100 (2016)


Happiness is….being Irish. Well, part Irish anyway. Mom was a McArthur, dad is a Yakes (which I think is Scottish). Married a Dougherty, so I would think claiming that heritage is fairly accurate. I would love to do ancestry research to confirm someday, but it’ll have to wait until I’m done doing crazy challenges like this one. 3 days to go, then I’m having a huge bonfire. Guess what I’m using as kindling! Ha ha, just joking. 

Acrylic, collage, pen

96 of 100 (2016)

5! Stars have 5 points, and the only living star you can actually find on earth (except Hollywood of course) is the starfish. These creatures are super cool. I love to watch videos of them moving around on the ocean floor. Super cool while being a little creepy like sea spiders.  

Acrylic, pens

4 to go!

94 of 100 (2016)


My sign you ask? Virgo, born the year of the rabbit. What they say this means is that I’m a responsible, practical, and modest-yet picky-person who gets very cranky and stubborn because I have a very particular way of doing things. And when you’re doing it wrong, I won’t tell you because I’m quiet and overly reserved. Odd thing is, the number 7 is supposedly UNLUCKY for Rabbits. Uh-oh. 

Reminds me of this thing I saw on pinterest, which made me laugh:

Crayon resist, acrylics, gel pens

6 more left. Then I get hours back to my days!

93 of 100 (2016)

8! When I think of 8 I think….
An octopus is the animal I would most like to be right now. In the peaceful depths of the ocean, sure. But mostly because i am juggling. Juggling old and new jobs, kids who are 13 and 16 and “need” to be places, my commitment to this 100 day thing AND new ideas and projects?! Phew, it has my head spinning. Wishing I had 6 more arms and they could all operate independently. 

7 to go!

Collage, acrylic, pens

92 of 100 (2016)


Only 8 more after this one! So, my name is Tabatha; nickname Tab-or Tabby if you dare. So there’s the cat component. The other is that while most people would live more dangerously if they had nine lives, I would choose to finally find time to READ. I actually put READ on my to-do list. Guess what I never seem to have time for, no matter how hard I try. 

Acrylic illustration

91 of 100 (2016)

The countdown continues: 10!

Ten Feathers

The number 10 symbolizes so many things…PERFECT (SCORE), END OF CYCLE, HEAVEN AND EARTH AND CREATION. I wracked my brain to come up with something clever to do with the number, like “X marks the spot,” or “a perfect TEN.” But, I just ended up wasting 2 hours. So, then I thought of drawing some kind of 10-count set: my toes perhaps? After thinking a bit longer, I finally landed on ten feathers as they’re more…APPEALING than the former option. So, you’re welcome for that.

Acrylic, ink, wooden number